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Addmerit is a Swedish company involved in technical  education all over Europe. Our mission is to create low cost seminars in electronics design, electrical safety and regulatory compliance together with some of the most experienced experts in their fields. The majority of our speakers have been involved in research, are published authors or are members of related committees.

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Empowering Education for All

We strive to provide equal and highest possible quality in all of our educations.

 Seminars open to the public

Improving access to education through innovative programs and resources.

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Fostering partnerships to enhance educational outcomes through joint efforts.

Electronics Design support 

Building supportive environments that increases organisations competitivness.


Empower Tomorrow

Up to date knowledge

Equipping participants with essential and up to date engineering knowledge for the future. Our seminars are based on the latest research.

Innovation in education

We constantly develop our offer according to our customer needs and the technological development.

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Current Seminars

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Seminar Milano

8-9 April 

2 -day PCB design seminar with Keith Armstrong

Seminar Stuttgart

10-12 April

3-day seminar in Stuttgart with focus on PCB design and automotive electronics with Keith Armstrong, Chris Nicholas and Herman Roozenbeek

Seminar Copenhagen

27-28 Maj

2 -day PCB design seminar with Keith Armstrong

Seminar Västerås

29-31 Maj

3 -day PCB/Equipment and system design seminar with Keith Armstrong and Chris Nicholas


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